Casa Santa Birgitta strives to follow in the same vein, when in 1966 the “Ut Unum Sint” center was founded by the Order of the Holy Savior on the first anniversary of the encyclical on ecumenism by Pope John Paul II.

The UT UNUM SINT center, established in 1966 by the Order of the Most Holy Savior, is a structure that the Order places at the disposal of the diocese for formation meetings (spiritual, biblical, theological, pastoral etc.) and prayers with special attention to the ecumenical commitment of the Church.

According to this context, the center organizes and offers its proposals, but also offers spaces to those who want to use the available structure in the spirit described.

The prayer for the unity of Christians in the body of Christ finds its answer in an ever greater commitment in the ecumenical journey, being precisely supported by the priestly prayer of Jesus.

Several cycles of meetings have been organized in the hall during these years, on figures such as Monsignor Bacciarini, Blessed Mother Elisabetta, Max Turian, Edith Stein, the women in the Gospel and the Mothers of the Church.

In the week of prayer for Christian unity, in collaboration with the Biblical Association and the various Christian Churches, a meeting was organized (in 2007) on the “Petrine primacy”. Coming together were Monsignor Buzzi representing Catholics, Prof. Radu Preda as Orthodox representative and Pastor Paolo Ricca of the Waldensian Church. It was a moment of fraternal and open discussion in the journey of unity.

Our cycles of conferences are preferably held during the liturgical periods of Advent and Lent to offer a moment of reflection. The Center is very appreciated for its biblical and cultural meetings and is always well attended. The “Ut Unum Sint” room welcomed, for example, three meetings with the theme “Great Christians of Yesterday and Today”, that presented the figures of Oscar Cullmann, Don Carlo Gnocchi and Charles de Foucauld.

The Ut Unum Sint room is also frequented by other groups of the Diocese such as the Miraculous Medal Group, the Serrà Club, and the diocesan commission for ecumenism. We also hosted the seminar directors of Switzerland, the Portuguese fathers for their retreat, the “Pour les Autres” Foundation, Faculty meetings, and a conference of ecclesiastical judges of Switzerland.

Our apostolate is also manifested in various groups of the diocese such as Serra Club, Miraculous Medal, Cantori di Gregoriano, Confraternity of San Carlo, and Franciscan Community of Kingship. The diocesan clergy also meets regularly with the Bishop.

Unity is the charisma of the Sisters of Saint Bridget, “called from different nations, but all united in one body and one soul,” wrote Mother Elizabeth.

Unity as community life and as a peace program: among men, peoples, nations. Everywhere. As an ecumenical commitment: prayer, study, seminars, meetings, dialogue. Unity in a warm reception, recasting the charism of hospitality.